What Are People Saying?


We receive a lot of comments through emails, letters and postings on our Facebook page. Sometimes they are constructive suggestions and sometimes they are just plain nice things to say about our people and our products. Believe us when we say that we read them all and take them to heart. Here are just a few recent ones:



 “We purchased a go cart from Motovox and had a little operator error and snapped a tie-rod. We contacted Movotox’s James Tomasic and not only did he find us the part, he had it shipped to us overnight. He is our hero. I have 2 other grandsons and I will more than likely buy two more go carts.” John B.


“Super! The girls opened them (they were searching the tree for the “BIG” gift and they found small wrapped keys!) The anticipation built until we got to my parents house! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THEIR FACES!!! And my mom couldn’t resist getting on too ; ) Started easy and make all the neighbors kids envious, I’m sure!” Missy A. 


“I got the mbx10 for christmas and i love it u guys did a great job!!!” Ben H.

“Thank you so much Jim for fixing my nephews’ mini bike! You went above and beyond to personally handle the repairs and then you went one step further and made it better than it was when it was purchased. They love it! I wish I could say it wouldn’t be back, but boys will be boys! Will definitely come to you for any future needs. You’re phenomenal and much appreciated!” Jennifer P.


“To whom it may concern. I just wanted to take a momment to thank you and your staff,especially Mr. Jim Tomasic, for their high level of proffesionalism. I have tried dealing with other parts and service departments and NONE of them were anywhere nearly as knowledgable, helpfull or courtious as MR. Tomasic. He is the type of employee that keeps custmers coming back! I know I will be. And I shall be happy to refer all of friends to your company in the future also! Way to be guys! Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully.” Dennis M.


I just wanted let you know the MGk11 I got for my son for Christmas was a very big hit. I want to thank you for all the help you gave me and all the support you and the company provided, without it Christmas would not have been nearly as enjoyable as it was. I would like to commend you and the work you did to make this last Christmas a Christmas that my son will always remember. I’m now watching my 10-year-old boy riding go carts all over my hundred acre place. Again, thank you so much for your support and understanding, allowing this last Christmas to go off so well.

Forever grateful, Ronnie


"Outstanding service! When we had a part break on our Go-Kart it crushed my younger brothers heart. I contacted Motovox here and they took care of us fast and efficiently. They saved Christmas. If you're looking for a Go-Kart or Dirt Bike here is the place to go!" Cierra H


"Excellent customer service! Thank you so much!" Peggy H